Life Science Communications and Media Production                                                                      


For its clients in life science, lab instrumentation and pharma, Bienentanz performs communications services, media production and marketing tasks, in particular:

Writing, editing, proofreading and translation of both English and German language technical articles, marketing texts, manuals, press releases and business reports

● Production of basic online and offline media content, search engine optimisation (SEO)

● Placement of the above in industry-related print and online media

● Concept development and layout (DTP) of print media such as flyers, brochures etc.

● Video production: concept development, storyboard, directing, camera work for event videos, editing/post-production, compression and file embedding

● Procurement of the above and other creative services (photographers, off-speakers etc.)

● Procurement of media usage licences (photos, video footage, background music etc.)

● Media project cost estimation and hands-on management

Qualitative and semi-quantitative market research projects

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