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The company Bienentanz (“bee dance“) derives its name from the honey bee's ability to communicate by means of a unique dance. When a scout discovers a new source of food it returns to its hive to perform the dance in a manner that reveals to its hivemates where the food is located and how much is available there.

bee dance video still

Click here to find out more and watch how a bee shows the way to its hivemates. This production by Bienentanz is YouTube’s most viewed video of the bee dance the world over.

Bienentanz is a limited company based near Berlin, Germany. Its founder, owner and Managing Director is Christian Boecker who holds degrees in both Biology (having worked in microbiology and molecular genetics during his diploma thesis) and Business Administration. Before starting Bienentanz, he was responsible for marketing at a biotech start-up and worked as a freelance journalist, authoring and directing numerous TV reports for the German technical programme ARD-Ratgeber Technik, which regularly reached between two and three million viewers.

For more about Christian Böcker click to see his English language or German language LinkedIn profile.